Many articles of or about me have been published nationally and internationally in magazines and even on TV:
Nikkei Press (Japan), TV Tokyo (Japan), BONSAI (Germany), BONSAI ART (Germany), BONSAI FOCUS (European Countries),
Bonsai magazine of the Florida Bonsai Society (USA), Diverse Penjing Magazines (China)

The following list of my articles is not complete:

Thoughts on Bonsai & Youth!
Styling a huge Mugo pine together with Kevin Wilson
El Gigante! - Development of an extremely huge Linden Bonsai
The royal Itoigawa - Restyling of a huge Juniper
Controversy: Pinus uncinata
Who wants to do big things has to do small things first
Visit to Eric Wigert, Florida USA
Legal black labour - styling a black pine
Restyling a Pinus mugo
Restyling a Pinus sylvestris
My 'second' life
Repotting an Oak forrest
Spaghetti Juniper