Antique treasures

These pots tell long stories of the past and are rarities that move my heart. To imagine and to see what they have gone through and how their past was, makes these pots very special and very alive. They are jewels in my collection and in accordance with their age I treat them very fondly. If you by chance have any antique pots for sale or know other sources, I would be very happy if you contact me directly.

Engobed motif pot

This pot was made around 1920 and 1930. It is an engobed pot which was brought to Germany by Paul Lesniewicz about 1979/1980 and became part of his private collection. Later (about 1999) it became part of Peter Krebs' private collection, where it stayed for about 13 years until I had the good fortune to be able to get it in 2012. The pot has an octagonal shape and its mirror image exhibits a variety of floral motifs. Its dimensions are: diameter 27 cm x 15 cm height.

In 2015 during my apprenticeship at Kunio Kobayashi's Shunka-en I ordered (with help of a friend) a tailormade Kiribako box (桐箱) for this pot.

When it arrived at Shunka-en I took the chance and asked Kunio Kobayashi to write down the pot description on the Kiribako.

Detailed information about this pot's background can also be found at Peter Krebs' site: