In addition to the pots which fall into the other two categories I have a few pots by various artists, from Tokoname, from Europe and of unknown origin. This small collection serves no purpose and does not pursue a specific goal, but consists only of pots that I at least would not now like to give away or that have a personal meaning to me. Some of these are from a trip to China and actually set the simplified Chinese symbol for 'Double Happiness'. Another one was my first pot from the bonsai village of Omiya, Japan, which I photographed at the top of the peak of Mount Fujisan. Other pots again came from a small tea shop in Hong Kong, and some are from different occasions that were important to me.

Kataoka Syuho (Tokoname) photographed at the peak of Mount Fujisan, Japan     Memories of my time in China
'Double Happiness' small 'Double Happiness' big
Memories of my time in China Max - Attempt to understand the difficulties of pottery
Tom Benda (Czechia) burned in a wood stove Klika & Kuřátková burned with raku technique
Aiba Kouichirou / Kouyou Mizukami Shinji (Tokoname)