By arrangement, I can undertake the following tasks for you.

  • Shaping

    Shaping or Design measures, among others, include: wiring, cutting, bending, and preparing for exhibitions. Even unusual techniques can be applied professionally. To me it is important to achieve the best possible results. Because of this, I treat a customer’s tree just as meticulously and accurately as my own trees.
    Find here some customer tree developments.

  • Care

    Seasonal maintenance is done with great diligence and ensures the best health of your tree. This includes repotting, overwintering, the treatment of diseases and other aspects. Of course, I would also be happy to advise you on any other matters relating to your bonsai. I am continually expanding my knowledge in this respect, so that even the latest plant physiological findings are involved.

  • Demonstrations

    When I do demonstrations in front of a public audience I like to bring designs to life at a high level and in an entertaining manner. I am happy to do this bilingually or solely in either English or German. I will make use of advanced and routine techniques and will advise on possible future directions the tree can take along with the positives and negatives associated with this. The host of a demonstration can choose one of his own trees for me to work on or I will bring one of mine if possible. Whatever the situation, I work with great diligence and utmost care at all times.

  • Purchase

    You inherited a bonsai tree or a whole collection or just want to sell your bonsai? I am always interested in buying individual bonsai, entire collections, accessories, tools and pots (especially Peter Krebs). Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria or another country. No matter which country just send me photos and price proposals (email and I will respond promptly.

  • Workshops

    I give one-to-one as well as group workshops which take into account the level of knowledge that the participants already have. In these I give active and step by step advice on how to style a bonsai and how to maintain and care for it. If you like, the workshop can have a specific topic such as a certain species or technique. Also I can provide more general workshops with no particular topic and I will monitor each participant's tree to give help and further information about the future development.

  • Professional support of yamadori tours

    I am happy to provide you with my knowledge about the most effective approach in unearthing Bonsai rawmaterial (called Yamadori) and my manpower. Only requirement is that you already identified a suitable site yourself. My background knowledge is based on years of experience in bogs, mountain areas, steppe landscapes and other extremes in Europe and beyond. A payment is possible in the form of Yamadori that I dig up for my own collection.
    Find out more about my successful yamadori tours.